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Areas of Practice

Federal Criminal Law

    If you have been charged with a criminal offense in federal court, then be advised, not any old criminal defense attorney will do. It is important that you hire a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in federal court, and has a long and successful track record of representing individuals who find themselves the target of a Federal Indictment.

     The Federal Statutes, the Federal Code of Criminal Procedure and the United States Sentencing Guidelines are complicated and full of legal traps for the inexperienced and uninitiated attorney. The sentences in federal court are typically much longer than in State court cases, and there is no mechanism for parole on a federal sentence. As a rule of thumb, most defendants who are convicted of a federal crime will serve approximately 85% of their actual sentenced time. Once released from the Bureau of Prisons, most will then serve a certain amount of time on what is referred to in the federal system as Supervised Release, which is much like probation. The length of Supervised Release can be any where from one year to life, but most terms will fall between one and five years.

     It is also important to note that the conviction rate in most federal court jurisdictions exceeds 95%, and that defendants can be held accountable for uncharged conduct, known as Relevant Conduct, which can greatly increase the sentence that a defendant receives. So, it is extremely important that you retain a criminal defense attorney who has the experience to understand and utilize the Federal Statutes and Sentencing Guidelines to the defendant's advantage. This is one area of practice that you cannot afford to make a mistake in, so choosing a confident and experienced criminal defense attorney is crucial

     Conspiracy cases which are often referred to as the jewel of the federal prosecutors toolbox are particularly complicated and require a criminal defense attorney who is well versed in conspiracy law. Most people do not realize that it takes very little conduct on the part of an individual person to become a member of a conspiracy. Anything that furthers the goal or efforts of the conspiracy can be construed as a conspiratorial act. Something as benign as a single phone call, or an introduction of one party to another can place someone in the middle of a conspiracy

    We have handled hundreds of federal cases, and have represented clients charged with the most serious of offenses in federal court. Our federal practice has taken us throughout Texas and Oklahoma where we have represented clients in a number of federal jurisdictions. We offer competent representation if you get charged with any of the following federal offenses:  Homicide, Assault, Criminal Sexual Abuse and Offenses Related to Registration as a Sex Offender, Kidnapping, Abduction or Unlawful Restraint, Threatening or Harassing Communications, Hoaxes, Stalking or Domestic Violence, Theft, Embezzlement, Receipt of Stolen Property, Fraud, Burglary, Trespass, Bank Robbery, Extortion, Blackmail, Commercial Bribery, Kickbacks, Counterfeiting, Unlawful Manufacturing, Importing, Exporting, Trafficking, Possession, Continuing Criminal Enterprise of Illegal Drugs and Substances, Unlawful Possession of Firearms, Racketerring (RICO), Gambling, Promoting a Commercial Sex Act, Obscenity, Explosives and Arson, Illegal Entry as an Immigrant, Treason, Sabotage and Espionage.
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